Virtual laser shooting range Krakow

An absolute novelty - we present the first laser shooting range in Krakow. Shooting has never been as accessible and safe as it is now! Real adrenaline and real feelings, like on a sports shooting range, but without any threat that live ammunition or ammunition for airsoft guns brings. Original laser shooting range only in Fun Park!

A professional trainer, so far used only in the police and uniformed schools, will now find commercial use. Thanks to our offer, this modern technology will reach a wide range of military enthusiasts.

In Fun Park, you can safely fire a Glock or G-36 with recoil effect. Weapon replicas are equipped with laser sensors, which makes the attraction also suitable for children! The only difficulty is the weight of the weapon - similar to the police one without the magazine.

Have you had doubts whether a trip to the shooting range is safe? Now with a choice of a laser shooting range, you won't have any objections.

Fantastic fun for the whole family, plus the amazingly attractive Star Wars scenery! Fluorescent sticks and balls shining in the dark and the decor of the room create a cosmic atmosphere.

The rules of the game are extremely simple - with as few strokes as possible, hit the ball one by one up to six holes! However, watch out for obstacles... The results can be saved on specially prepared sheets, summarizing all attempts and then selecting the winner.

For your children we have prepared special sticks in the mini version, and we serve balls in two colors.

Price: PLN 12 / person (Mon-Thu) and PLN 15 / person. (Fri - Sun)

Laser shooting range in Krakow - how does it work?

A wide range of gameplay options means that we can try our hand at various modes, including competition. In addition to standard shooting at a sports or police target, we can also offer a virtual transfer to training in the conditions of a military training ground. However, that's not all because we also have a proposal for video game fans, i.e. an FPS game scenario.

All this is guaranteed by a huge projector (over 4 square meters) on which we display the training, competition or game projections you want. Up to 4 people can take part in the game at the same time - in the target shooting mode. However, you can organize a larger group and use dynamic changes after each turn - we allow a maximum of 10 people into the room.

Price list:
single tickets (1-4 people): 15 minutes - PLN 25 per person / 30 min - PLN 35 per person
group ticket (max. 10 people): 30 minutes - PLN 150 / 60 minutes - PLN 250