Turn the Computer off, play in the Laser Tag in Cracow

Laser Tag is a new form of entertainment conquering Poles' hearts, being a combination of a movement and interactive game, as a soft alternative to the classic paintball, perfect regardless of age and gender. It does not cause pain, does not cause bruising and does not leave any traces of paintballs.

High intuitiveness to operate the equipment, huge possibilities of configuration of games (a wide range of scenarios), the character of play preferring cleverness, accuracy and tactical sense over strength and speed and the largest and moving imagination, fully adapted to the character of the entertainment arena, make it an ideal option also for women and children. Up to 20 people can participate in the game at the same time!

Gameis alive transferred from the realities of FPS games, but provides a huge dose of physical activity.

Feel like the hero of your favorite movie and test yourself against the background of your friends in the real game!

How does Laser Tag work?

100% safe  we are the only one who have to kind of weapon: UZI and SNIPER RIFLE, equipped with several shooting modes), emitting infrared waves, hit one of 4 electronic sensors (new: there is also the option of playing with sensors on the head! then we have 5 sensors), located on a breathable vest of the
The sensor system collects information on the number and location of hits, and the data is stored in both the weapon and the vest of the trival. The equipment imitates the sound of real shots, and the "armor", in the case of a hit  gives out a specific sound and the equipment is temporarily inactive. Depending on the chosen game mode, there may be autorespawn (automatic start of the vest after a few seconds), and you may be required to return to the determined base. The person or team that gets the most hits (so-called frags) during one game wins. However, it is possible to choose different scenarios.

After the game, we present the results to the participants, in the form of a transparent table. After a few minutes, detailed statistics are also available in the form of a player ranking.

Laser Tag No. 1 in Cracow

  • The best Laser Tag arena in Cracow:: over 450 m2 (it is possible to divide the arena in half). There are both corridors and larger spaces where you can implement your tactics. There is a place for those who like to fight from hiding and going to the element and a sharp exchange of fire.
    Our arena has two parts - Warsaw Uprising and Middle East - created in January 2019! In the case of groups of minimum 7 people, we play on both parts.

  • Top rated Laser Tag in Cracow: we make every effort to guarantee you 100% satisfaction and pleasant impressions. Check the opinion of our guests and compare with the competition - google maps, facebook.
  • The largest selection of weapons in the Laser Tag: as the only one in Cracow, we have 2 types of equipment (uzi and sniper rifle), and each of them also has several modes, with different characteristics and different amount of damage - choose the optimal one for yourself.

  • A longer game time than the competition: in Fun Park you play for 5 minutes more! With us, the real time of playing during one game is 25 minutes, while in another such park in Krakow you are only 20 minutes in the arena. It's a big difference.
  • Head sensors: a novelty, we are the only one to offer additional sensors on the head for adult players. A maximum of 10 people can participate in such a game.
  • Unlimited possibilities of configuring Laser Tag games: we have to propose several game scenarios (at the bottom of the page), and in addition, thanks to the programming capabilities of the Fun system, we can freely modify the rules of play in every aspect. An additional attribute can be a bomb hidden in the arena, and the task of disarming it.
  • We do not combine groups by force, we do not add players to other teams (only at your request). It's you, dear guests, who decide who to play with, this is your time and your entertainment! For groups up to 6 people.  We share our arena in half, then everyone can play in their own circle. 
  • The lowest prices and numerous promotions: check the price list and promotions under #FunSolo #FunFamily #FunClass on FB.
    This pays off!

Laser Tag Scenarios

  •  Deathmatch

A mode known for computer games. Each participant plays alone. The goal is to hit opponents as many times as possible. The time limit is set (25 min). The hit player has to wait a certain time to return to the game - so-called autorespawn (9 seconds by default) or go to a designated Special Place - so-called baserespawn. The player with the highest number of hits wins.

  • Team deathmatch

Players are divided into two or more teams. The goal is to hit rivals from the opposite team as many times as possible. The time limit is set (25 min). The hit player has to wait a certain time to return to the game - so-called autorespawn (9 seconds by default) or go to a designated Special Place - so-called baserespawn. The team that gets the most points (hits) during the game wins. We can additionally turn on the negative points option for hurting a person from your own team.

  • Captains / VIP protections

The scenario involves eliminating the captain of the opposing team a certain number of times. The person appointed with this title will receive a distinctive sign of his rank in the team. The other members of the squad's task is to hit the opposing team captain as well as protect their commander. Defeated (hit) - with the exception of the captain, which must be autorespawn - must return to the Special Place in the so-called baserespawn, so the key here is tactics and team play. Captains can not go to demilitarized zones, which are located around both bases. The game ends when one of the captains loses all available lives or within 25 minutes.

  • Storm

Players are divided into two teams - defending and attacking. The aim of the attacking team is to hit a special vest placed in the arena of the so-called "Hearts", a specified number of times. A team with a defensive task is supposed to prevent it by defending the Heart, eliminating those who want to hit them by the end of the game (25 minutes). There is a small area around the heart that you can not enter. Both teams start from assigned Special Places to which they must return when they are defeated (hit) on the so-called baserespawn. Once hit, the base heart becomes inactive for a certain amount of time (between 40-60 seconds), after which it spontaneously re-starts. When the heart is hit for the last time it will emit a characteristic sound that indicates the end of the game.

  • From dusk to dawn - People vs Zombie

Players are divided into two teams - the first consisting of fewer participants (referred to as Survivors) has the task to survive a specified amount of time (25 minutes). The second task (represented as the Horde of Zombies) is to defeat all opponents on the map. At the disposal of the Survivors is the entire arsenal of weapons, they have so-called autorespawn, but have a limited amount of resurrections. The Horde has only one type of weapon - the least effective, however their ranks are innumerable (they have an unlimited number of so-called baserespawns), although each time they must return to the Special Point for rebirth. Every survivor who has finished resurrection (life) must return to the lobby. If, after the time of the game, one survivor remains on the map, all of their team wins.
The alternative is to join defeated Survivors in the Horde of Zombies.

  • Hunting (eg for the groom)

Players are divided into two teams - Hunters and Beasts or one for the rest. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other team, and it will not be easy. Hunters, there is more of them, have less lives than their opponents and their strategy must be based on cooperation. The beasts, on the other hand, are few, but they are characterized by incredible endurance. Will the hunters manage to win the trophy or will the hunter become a victim?

  • Host / Save the bride

The players are divided into two teams - the first weapon placed on the arena of the dummy (it can be sprinkled with a photo of the chosen one), the second task is to deflect him and lead him to his Special Place. Each defeated (hit) player, to continue playing, must return to the Special Seat of his team on the so-called baserespawn, and the person who "escorted" the hostage and was defeated (hit) must leave the manikin in the place where it was hit. The defending team can transfer the hostage to its original place, however, the detention site can not be changed. Around the starting place where the hostage is being held is a small area designated for which the defending person can not enter.

  • Dominance - a scenario with the use of BOMB

The goal of the scenario is to keep under control the BOMB, located in the central part of the arena. The device calculates the time of individual teams by pressing the appropriate button. The team that wins after the game (25 min) is a long-term player from the opposing team wins. or in the case of a tie, the greater number of hits to the opponents is counted. We play in baserespawn mode.

  • Sabotage - a scenario with the use of BOMB

Players are divided into two teams. The task of the attacking team is to arm the so-called "The bomb, located in the center of the arena, and lead to its detonation." The team of defenders is supposed to prevent this. "Both teams play in the so-called baserespawn mode, so after each hit they have to return to their Special Point. will the bomb explode or not!

*IMPORTANT: if you choose a different scenario than deathmatch and teathmatch team, please report the desire to play in a different mode at least the day before the game!


Laser Tag - Price list

 (per person):  30 min - PLN 30 (students) and  PLN 38  (Mon - Thu); PLN 45 (Fri - Sun)
                       60 min - PLN 45 (students) and  PLN 55 (Mon - Thu); PLN 70 (Fri - Sun)
                       90 min - PLN 65 (students) and  PLN 75 (Mon - Thu); PLN 99 (Fri - Sun)


Additional head sensor + PLN 5 zł / per person (max number of participants 10).
At the same time, a max of 20 people can participate in the game.
30 min includes 5 min training and 25 min games in Laser Tag.
60 min includes 5 mins of training, 2 x 25 min of Laser Tag games and 5 min intervals between games.
90 min includes 5 mins of training, 3 x 25 min of Laser Tag games and 5 min intervals between games.


Important information before Laser Tag game

  • Read the rules:  Rules and complete Statement.
  • Come 15 minutes before the booked date. 
  • Without a reservation, there is a risk that the arena will be occupied. Call or write and choose a convenient date.
  • When booking a game for the weekend, sometimes also on other days of the week, a deposit is required (PLN 100 or PLN 200 / 3 weekdays for paying), which is deducted from the total amount on the day of the event. 
  • For groups up to 6 people. we share our arena in half, then everyone can play in their own circle.
  • In the case of non-standard game scenarios (apart from Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch) you should inform about choosing the scenario at least one day before the event.
  • Take with you sportswear and comportable footwear