What is an Escape Room?

This is a kind of real-time logic game where you and your friends are locked in a mysterious room from which you have to get out or in an unoccupied room you have to perform a specific task, solving puzzles that lead to the final destination. The difficulty is to find all possible suggestions in your surrounding, to  solve a series of puzzles that bring you closer step by step to the final destination. Will the brainstorming result in a series of brilliant ideas and allow for the implementation of the task, or will it cause quarrels and discord within the group? Convince yourself ... You play 45 min or 70 min (depending on the scenario).

The interior design, as well as music, the atmosphere of escape rooms and original props easily allow you to familiarize with the main characters of each of our rooms.

In order not to be too difficult, the game is moderated in some way. The rooms are equipped with cameras that monitor the course of play. In addition, there are telephones in the rooms where you can ask for a hint. It is also possible to display them on the monitors in the rooms.

Our Park in Cracow meets the requirements of fire protection (we have an automated fire protection system, and the facility is equipped with smoke detectors and the appropriate number of fire extinguishers). We are located in a commercial premises, which requires us to regularly review all utility installations - we have full documentation.


Welcome to Nowa Huta Escape Rooms! The rooms designed in the Fun Park are located in the basement of the former Swit Cinema, built in era of the PRL.

Currently, old shelters are not only a monument and a relic of the past. We gave them a "second life" steeped in eastern history and the harsh climate of the 1960s and 1980s, arranging two unique escape rooms. The rooms, with their original script and decor, refer to the past.

You can see here: "The PRL Spy" and "Atomic terror"

If you want to move in time to the end of the last century in Nowa Huta, feel the unique atmosphere and at the same time try original entertainment, you could not get any better!

Escape Room Cracow: "The PRL Spy"

Are you looking for a crime scenario that will make you feel like a Sherlock from the PRL? Realistic accessories, room equipment and romantic music will introduce you to the mysterious atmosphere of spy intrigue, the beginning of which is the capturing of a group of secret service officers.

It will not be easy. Put on handcuffs with blindfolded eyes and put in jail, you can politely wait for interrogation by the legend of a foreign intelligence - Gałgan's agent or ... start acting!
RING RING - the phone is ringing and the guards are hurrying out of the interrogation room.
Yes, this is the moment! This is the last chance for you to get out of captivity.

  • from 2 to 5 people
  • price: from PLN 70 to PLN 100 (depending on the number of people)
  • duration: 45 min, level of difficulty: intermediate
  • from the age of 14

Escape Room Cracow: Atomic terror (NEW!!!)

Do you want to save Nowa Huta and its inhabitants from what happened in Chernobyl?

It is not known from today that Nowa Huta is not only visible at first glance, awe-inspiring arteries of the architecture of modernism and socialist realism. It is also an entire network of shelters connected by tunnels, where more than 10% of residents can take shelter in the event of a war or a nuclear ... attack!

When the enemy decides to launch the extermination process, somewhere in the depths of the underground city, lies the key to saving Nowa Huta. You are the last hope. Turn off the reactor before it's too late ...

- from 2 to 5 people
- price: PLN 80 for 2 people / PLN 90 for 3 people / PLN 110 for 4 people / PLN 130 for 5 people
- duration: 70 min, level of difficulty: difficult
- from the age of 14