The "laser" coming out of the weapon is actually an infrared beam. It is safe for health, including the eyes. This technology can be found on a daily basis (e.g. TV remote). No blood, no bruises, no paint all over you clothes; all you get is pure fun. 

An earlier reservation is not required, however it is indicated to be sure that the attraction will be available at the appointed time. Reservations can be made by phone, email, in person or on our Fanpage.

The minimum is two people. The maximum number of members in the arena is 25 (of course - there is possibility of organizing a game for a larger group but with divided for the teams).

You can find an actual promotions on Facebook and our website

Laser Tag do not paint all over you clothes. Take a comfortable clothes: sportwear and sport footwear. 

Suggested minimum age is 7 years. There is a possibility of younger people taking part in the game but consultation with us before. 

To take a part in the game, it is required to accept the rules and complete the appropriate Statement! (in the case of minors, the statement is completed by the legal guardian / parent).


Yes, there is a possibility of buying a gift card / voucher for any attraction or for the value to spent in Fun Park.